New Zealand Air Ambulance Service
New Zealand Air Ambulance Service

Our Aircraft

Our aircraft fleet is owned and operated by our parent company, Skyline Aviation Ltd and operated in accordance with NZ Civil Aviation Air Transport rule part 119/135 and part 125. All aircraft hold current certification under the Ambulance New Zealand Air Rescue Air Ambulance Standards for the highest capability of air ambulance aircraft in their respective category.



The pride of our fleet, capable of flying over 2000nm non-stop at 430 knots. This class leading seven million dollar light jet features new generation engines and the latest aviation technology, providing outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.

The Nextant is equipped with a Lifeport Stretcher system and provides an extremely reliable and efficient lifesaving service for patients throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific. Provisioned with the highest level of avionics equipment enabling compliant operation to all South Pacific destinations including those operating to European aviation standards. Because we own and operate our jet aircraft with our own clinical teams and equipment, we are directly accountable for all aspects of our service, and deliver on a very cost competitive basis.

NZAAS have recently updated the TCAS to version 7.1 in our jet air ambulance, in compliance with European regulations. This is the only fully accredited international jet based in Auckland, ready to respond to emergencies throughout NZ, the South Pacific and beyond.


Skyline Aviation and NZAAS operate the Starship National Air Ambulance service and provide a dedicated King Air 350 for PICU and NICU to retrieve patients day or night, 365 days a year throughout NZ.

The King Air B350 air ambulance provides the highest speeds of this fleet at 310 knots, with the longest range, quietest cabin, greatest reliability and safety of any turbo prop aircraft in its class. It represents the leading edge of turbo prop aircraft performance and technology, equipped with two Lifeport Stretcher systems and the latest Garmin 1000 avionics suite.

It is the international benchmark for turbo prop air ambulance aircraft and will be perfect for transporting our precious passengers.

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The King Air B200 is equipped with two Lifeport Stretcher systems capable of flying two intensive care patients non-stop to any destination in New Zealand and the Chatham Islands. It has a wide cargo door and lifting devices enabling assistance with transport of larger stretchered and seated patients.

Our other air ambulance aircraft are based in Napier and are available for any destination in New Zealand to support the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service.


The Mustang provides the ultimate in cost effective and super-fast (340 knots) air ambulance service for our domestic operations. This extraordinarily capable jet aircraft can take off and land from many of New Zealand’s shorter runways.

We can safely and comfortably fly above the weather at 21,000ft while maintaining a sea level cabin pressure! When time is critical and cost containment an important consideration the Mustang slashes travel times by as much as 35% from turbo prop aircraft and at a comparable price.

We are again leading the sector in New Zealand with the introduction of this superb latest technology jet aircraft.

Flight Tracking

See where our aircraft are at any time by logging into our aircraft tracking system.

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