New Zealand Air Ambulance Service
New Zealand Air Ambulance Service


What Certification do you hold?

Skyline Aviation and New Zealand Air Ambulance Service were the first companies in New Zealand to be accredited to all 3 standards required to meet the highest possible accreditation called for by the majority of New Zealand Government agencies.
These Standards include:

»» Ambulance and Paramedical Service: Standard NZS 8156 2008
»» Ambulance New Zealand Air Rescue: Air Ambulance Standards V2 2012
»» Telarc audited ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

In addition, Skyline Aviation holds:
»» New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority Air Operators Certification Part 135 and Part 125 Domestic and International Operations approvals
»» Part 145 Engineering Maintenance Organization approval

Our doctors hold specialist qualifications in intensive care or emergency medicine and our flight nurses have extensive and varied experience in high acuity areas. They have all completed NZFNA Certified Flight Nurse Training, ACLS Level 6 and many have completed Helicopter Underwater Escape Training..

What experience do you have in providing aeromedical services?

We are a family owned business with a 25-year history of delivering leading edge, fully accredited aeromedical services throughout New Zealand, the South Pacific and beyond. With over 35,000 patients safely transported within New Zealand and globally, we have an exemplary reputation both nationally and internationally in the air ambulance industry.

How do we go about arranging an air ambulance transport?

We provide a 24 hour one call service which is directed to our Mission Coordination Centre.

They will take all relevant information about the request, the patient’s clinical condition and needs and arrange for a quotation.
All quotes are in NZD and include GST if applicable.

Our 24-hour number is 0800 111 400 within New Zealand or for international calls +64 (0)9 913 2941.

Can we transport all status of patients irrespective of their clinical condition?

Each case will be reviewed individually and the most appropriate escort and mode of transport will be determined through the review of medical notes and liaison with the medical staff in the treating facility.

NZAAS final acceptance of the mission is dependent on our Medical Director's assessment of the clinical detail and logistics.

Can you provide a service to all destinations in New Zealand?

Yes. Our aircraft can operate to nearly all licensed airports in New Zealand including many of those which cannot be serviced by some larger regional airlines or other air ambulance aircraft.

As a general rule we can fly nonstop to most destinations in the north and south islands.

Can you provide an international repatriation service?

Yes. We can arrange to bring patients back from most international destinations either with a commercial airline or utilizing a jet aircraft service supported by our clinical team and our specialist medical equipment.

Do you provide a seamless bedside to bedside service and arrange road ambulance transport to and from the airports?

We provide a seamless service which includes a clinical escort from the departing point of the patient to the patient’s final destination. This service includes obtaining an appropriate handover of the patient’s essential clinical information from the referring hospital or care facility and a handover to the receiving hospital or care facility.

Are there any luggage restrictions?

For domestic transfers typically we can accommodate similar volumes of personal luggage allowed on commercial flights. This is usually one bag up to 25KG in weight and hand luggage.

For international jet air ambulance retrievals, luggage is restricted to 1 peice of hand luggage weighing less than 7kg.

Can a family member or support person accompany the patient?

Each accompanying support person may only be transported if the medical team and pilot agree to carry the support person. This is reviewed on a case by case basis.

How do we pay for the flight and clinical services?

For Government agencies such as District Health Boards and ACC,, accounts will be forwarded for payment on usual commercial terms.

For private air ambulance missions payment to NZAAS for the mission is required within 48 hours of issue of an invoice by NZAAS or prior to aircraft departure, whichever is earlier. All payments must be made in full in cleared funds by electronic bank transfer or international telegraphic transfer to the bank account detailed on the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing with NZAAS.
Guarantee of Payment: Existing customers with prior written approval from NZAAS may submit a guarantee of payment or authorized purchase order on acceptance of this Quotation. Payment is then required within 28 days of issue of an invoice by NZAAS for the mission.

We will discuss all options with you at the time of booking a flight.

In the event you believe the referring hospital will be paying confirmation will be required from the referring hospital.

Is there any chance of sharing the cost of the flight with another client in the event a backload can be arranged?

Utilising our Fly Backload app, we are able to offer all users of our services opportunities to share missions when possible and medically appropriate, and to have access to backload opportunities.

This enables cost sharing between users which typically results in substantial savings that are passed back to our clients. Access to these opportunities is provided through a simple but effective electronic messaging service in both email and text format.

What are the risks associated with an air ambulance transfer?

Our aircraft and maintained to the highest engineering standards and our pilots meet and exceed requirements set down by Civil Aviation and Air Ambulance Standard. Our aircraft are also equipped to fly in all but the most severe weather conditions. In recent years are Operator Company Skyline Aviation was awarded the Director of Civil Aviations Safety Award.

Clinical care and safety is provided by our fully trained and qualified Flight Nurse.

Patients or their support person will be given a disclosure statement to review prior to the flight (where possible) and the Flight Nurse/Coordinator will answer any questions.

Are there any weight or size limitations for patients?

We will check the patient weight and status at the time the flight is booked.

For larger patients, we offer a nationwide bariatric service utilising our King Air B200C, equipped with factory fitted wide cargo door and specialised equipment to transport patients up to 300kg.

What is the response time from the time the flight is confirmed and the flight departs?

Pilots and clinical teams are generally available 7 days a week 24 hours per day. Response times are typically arranged with the referring hospital or other client to suit their needs.

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